Wishecomaque's Village

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Wishecomaque's Village


Agent Beach attempted to persuade the tribes to establish only two villages -- one Sauk, one Mesquakie -- on the tract they retained from 1843 to 1845 (Beach 1976: Beach to Chambers, 25 October 1842) . Beach hoped these villages would be in close proximity to the agency. His efforts did not yield the result he desired. In September 1843 he wrote:
In this object I have partially succeeded, though not thus
far, to the extent I had hoped. Near half the Sacs and one
band of the Foxes having built their villages within sight
of the Agency, while the rest of the Sacs, are within eight
miles of it. But the great majority of the Foxes,
comprising the bands who heretofore resided upon the Iowa and Skunk Rivers, entertaining some jealousy of the other portion of the nation, as well as an aversion to the Des Moines country, have fixed themselves about fifteen miles distant upon Skunk River, a position which would be of little moment were it not for their troublesome nearness to the new line (Beach 1976: Beach to Chambers, 4 September 1843) .
J. Haydn Potter, an officer at Fort Des Moines, mapped an expedition the dragoons made in the summer of 1844. He located four villages on his map (Figure 22). Three of the villages were along the Des Moines River: of these, Wishecomaque's was the farthest upstream.



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