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Chief No Heart of Fear


The Ioway chief known as Na-Che-ning-a or Notchininga (No Heart of Fear) was the uncle of his predecessor, Mahaska II (White Cloud). Mahaska's father, also Mahaska [1784-1834], died in 1834 and the hereditary position fell to the son.

A member of the leading Bear Clan, White Cloud served as second in command to Mahaska II and chief speaker for the Ioways beginning in 1848. He became head chief after White Cloud died, in December of 1851.
As a Bear clan leader of the early 19th century, and like his nephew White Cloud before him, No Heart of Fear was much involved in the business of treaty cessions and the complex and difficult changes in the society caused by the growing influence of the Euro-Americans.
He was involved in negotiations over several treaty cessions; his first trip was the 1837 council for which the map was produced.

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