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Mosquito Flats, 1960

Originally wetland, the land upon which the Mosquito Flats neighborhood now stands was drained and developed beginning in 1959. Many residents desired property in the neighborhood, given its scenic riverside location. Photo Courtesy: Iowa City Press…

Mosquito Flats, 1959

nother 1959 view shows the new Mosquito Flats neighborhood in its early years. Photo Courtesy: Iowa City Press Citizen, January 2, 1960. Provided by the State Historical Society of Iowa, Iowa City.

City of Iowa City, Iowa Flood Map

Created by the City of Iowa City in the mid-2000s, this map shows northern Iowa City. The Mosquito flats neighborhood and City Park sit side-by-side just left of the image’s center. As the key indicates, green shading denotes the 500-year…

Water Over Sand Bags

Often, the dozens of hours of labor put in by regional volunteers, city employees, and even the Iowa National Guard proved futile. Flood waters crested above the sandbag lines at various points in Iowa City and Coralville, damaging homes, businesses,…

Steve McGuire Sand Bags

University of Iowa professors Steve McGuire and Jerry Anthony stand before the sandbag line erected to protect Mosquito Flats neighborhood. Flood waters ultimately breached the line. Photo Courtesy: PVT Blog.