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Flood Waters

Dramatic scenes like this one depict the remnants of area defense efforts. The implements of flood protection – rolls of plastic, bags, and piles of sand to fill them with – sit idly by as flood waters ravage the community. Photo Courtesy: UI…

Street Flooding in Iowa City

As the Iowa River seeped over its banks, water crept onto residential streets, blocking traffic. Eventually, only one bridge remained to connect the east and west sides of Iowa City, leaving many residents stranded on one side or the other. For days,…

Flooding Iowa River

Several months of nearly continuous rain compounded an already heavy thaw in the spring of 2008. In early February, experts and local officials began holding meetings in preparation of potential flooding. By June, the Coralville Reservoir north of…

Sandbags Near Home, Iowa City

Area residents and volunteers piled millions of sandbags throughout Iowa City and Coralville in an attempt to keep the flood waters at bay. As shown above, these sandbags often spared homes by just a few feet. Photo Courtesy: PVT Blog.

Doug Jones House Halfway Full

Built along the Iowa River floodplain, homes like this one were nearly submerged during the 2008 flood. Photo Courtesy: Douglas Jones.

Africa Espina Canoe

Area resident Africa Espina rode a canoe into her damaged Mosquito Flats home on June 14, 2008. Photo Courtesy: Africa Espina.