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Doug Jones Art Museum

On the UI campus, barely a mile south of Mosquito Flats along the river, several buildings suffered severe damage. This one, the University’s Arts Building West, saw its lower floors inundated with water, but officially reopened some four years…

Neighboorhood Flooding

Neighborhood flooding on the east side of the Iowa River near City Park. Photo Courtesy: Douglas Jones

Empty Mosquito Flat Lot

Empty lots, the product of the demolition and buy-out process in Mosquito Flats, are all that remain in much of the neighborhood. Photo Courtesy: Kelly Nussbaum.

Mosquito Flats by Kelly

Despite the devastation brought by the 2008 flood, many homes still stand in the Mosquito Flats neighborhood. The Iowa River can be seen in this photo, resting just yards from the back door of an area residence. Often, homeowners are required to…

Doug Jones Houses Razed Tractor

In a testament to the permanancy of the flood’s changes to the Mosquito Flats neighborhood, demolition teams extracted even the foundations of damaged homes. Photo Courtesy: Douglas Jones.