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Doug Jones House Halfway Full

Built along the Iowa River floodplain, homes like this one were nearly submerged during the 2008 flood. Photo Courtesy: Douglas Jones.

Doug Jones Houses Razed Tractor

In a testament to the permanancy of the flood’s changes to the Mosquito Flats neighborhood, demolition teams extracted even the foundations of damaged homes. Photo Courtesy: Douglas Jones.

Empty Mosquito Flat Lot

Empty lots, the product of the demolition and buy-out process in Mosquito Flats, are all that remain in much of the neighborhood. Photo Courtesy: Kelly Nussbaum.

Failure of Anthropology Days Reflects 1904 World’s Fair

By Dave ShowalterAnthropology Days at the 1904 World’s Fair were a bridge between the Olympics and the Philippine Exposition. Filipino participants competed in conventional Olympic events and in contrived indigenous activities. James Sullivan, who…

Flood Waters

Dramatic scenes like this one depict the remnants of area defense efforts. The implements of flood protection – rolls of plastic, bags, and piles of sand to fill them with – sit idly by as flood waters ravage the community. Photo Courtesy: UI…

Flooding Iowa River

Several months of nearly continuous rain compounded an already heavy thaw in the spring of 2008. In early February, experts and local officials began holding meetings in preparation of potential flooding. By June, the Coralville Reservoir north of…

Former University of Iowa President Willard "Sandy" Boyd discusses the 2008 flood

Former UI President Willard ?Sandy? Boyd describes his flood experience, noting how most of the bridges and major highways around Iowa City shut down during the flood, effectively cutting some residents off from the rest of the community. He also…